Monday, July 30, 2012

First Solo Flight

Today I took my first solo trip!  Yesterday's adventures left Don completely depleted of energy and Malcolm's bike in a state of disrepair; therefore, I had to venture out alone. Surprisingly, I didn't mind doing this. I was actually quite ready and willing to head out on my solo adventure. With the exception of a duck that I'm sure was mocking me and a squirrel that most definitely pelted me with an acorn, I'm happy to report that it went great! I stopped at the English Department and got the keys to my office, went to the Bike Barn and got all of our supplies, stopped in at the Graduate School and filled out my paperwork, took a little rest at Starbucks, rode over to Kroger and did some grocery shopping, then went home. All in all, I biked around 8 miles.

I have to say that there was something incredibly empowering about running all these errands (or "biking" them, as my sister-in-law clarified) on my own. I figured out the best route to Kroger by myself, and I did all of the biking, locking, etc. on my own. A couple of years ago, this sort of thing intimidated me.  I'm not quite sure why it did; after all, I consider myself a rather "brave" and independent person. But the whole bicycle thing...there's a fear factor there, for sure.  But I'm slowly getting over it.
And I love getting to see mountains in the background everywhere I bike!
So, there it is.  A successful first solo flight!  I even found myself singing and whistling while I ran my errands. And bonus - I got my exercise as part of my day and didn't have to schedule time at the gym.

Speaking of which...a very nice aspect of all of this bike riding is that my exercise has increased greatly, resulting in immediate weight loss. Since being car-less two weeks, I've already lost 1.6 pounds (and that's with "moving eating" going on - if you know what I mean). I think I might start to track pounds lost regularly each week, along with a mileage count (24 last week). I haven't decided yet which numbers I'm willing to share (do I post my weight online for the world to see?), but I can say that another goal of mine is to decrease my cholesterol level. some way or another, I will certainly post progress on those items.



  1. Thank you for sharing this! I would love to begin "bikeing" errands on a bike (at least around Oregon). I have been very nervous to do so. There are two reasons for this hesitant feeling. 1) I'm plain out of shape and 2) my bike doesn't even have a basket. (I guess a third reason would be the amount of traffic on the streets makes me nervous about having Abigail on the back of my bike.) I'm working on getting either a basket or one of those bike trolley thingys that you normally put children in to help carry my "stuff." My plan right now is to ride the bike to the library on Wednesday. I figure I can place our books in a backpack that I can carry.

    Thank you for your stories. Your honesty helps make it easier. :)

  2. Well, Oregon makes it somewhat easier because they *do* have a bike trail. (yay!) But, yeah...Navarre can be a little intimidating to a new rider. I think biking to the library is a great plan! I started off by biking to a coffee shop once or twice a week.

    Also - Don would probably be able to give you the best route, if you want to ask him. He's really good at figuring that stuff out, and is somewhat familiar with biking around Oregon!