Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Night Everything Went Wrong

Well, we took a break for a few days from bike riding while my brother and his wife were in visiting. In some ways, it was nice to take a break. At the same time, I was getting antsy from not getting out there on the bike! Surprising!

This evening, we were invited to visit one of my professors and have dinner at her house. Before we left to bike out there, Don was extremely excited about biking to our first "social event." Unfortunately, my professor lives clear on the other side of town, in THE HILLIEST (is that a word?) part of Blacksburg.  The steepest hills I've seen since moving here. Yeesh!  So, naturally, lots of things went wrong.

On the way there, Malcolm got a flat tire. Don set out to fix it, only to find that the place that sold us the bike had put the wrong sized tube in there. Okay, no big deal...we'll still work to fix it...what?  What was that? The bike pump isn't working?  Awesome. Without the proper tools and such to fix the tire, we had to walk Malcolm's bike to a bike rack, lock it up, and pray that the campus police wouldn't cut the lock and confiscate the bike. Fortunately, Don had brought the Bakfiet instead of his other bike, so Malcolm hopped into the basket and kicked back the rest of the way. UNfortunately, the extra weight was excruciating for Don on those hills!

Okay, so the problem with Malcolm's bike was handled. THEN - my electric assist stopped working. Then it started working.  Then it stopped working again. It took Don about 15 minutes of fiddling to get it to work (thank goodness!).  But - it will need to be fixed, because it is now missing a part. <sigh> Let's add to the list of things to get at the bike shop... But seriously, the important thing is: I didn't have to suffer on the ride there. Only Don did.

What's some sore muscles when the view is this great?
I snapped the above photo at the top of the hill leading down to my professor's house. She lives at the bottom of a very steep hill.  VERY steep. So steep, I kid you not, that on the way home, even my electric assist couldn't get me up it.  I had to walk my bike the whole way up the hill. (CRAZY!) Fortunately, the majority of the ride home (with the exception of that first hill) was downhill, so Don had an easier time. On our way, we stopped and picked up Malcolm's bike and took it home. Malcolm sat in the front of the Bakfiet with the bike lying horizontal across the bucket in front of him.  It was quite the sight to behold. I tried to take a picture of it, but it's kinda hard to make it out. (You can sort of see his wheel sticking out to the left side in the picture below.)

Taking a picture while riding your bike is not advisable, safety-wise. Or usually very successful.
So, we made it home, and Don dissolved into a puddle on his comfy chair and whimpered uncontrollably for a few hours before limping back to bed. All in all, a successful first social outing.


  1. I want to say that there wasn't 'wimpering' going on - it was manly exhaustion being exuded from my herculean effort.

  2. Thanks for clarifying, honey. That's, um, what I meant to say...