Monday, August 13, 2012

Malcolm's First "City" Bus Ride/Riding in the Bakfiets

Well, since I am still bike-less and today was Malcolm's last day before school starts, we decided to take the bus into the downtown to enjoy lunch at the Frosty Parrot.  Yes, frozen yogurt for lunch!  That was one of Malcolm's treats for his "last day of summer." Luckily, as I noted before, the bus drops off RIGHT in front of the Parrot!  Awesome! (But they didn't have Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel today.  NOT awesome.)

Gummy worms and Oreos. Lunch choice of champions.
I have to say, the bus system here is incredibly convenient for us.  Right now, we are on "reduced service," so the bus comes almost right to our doorstep every 1/2 hour. During the school year, it comes every 10 minutes. On top of that, it TIME CHECKS at our stop, which means it HAS to be there at the scheduled time. Score! Also, it was only 25 cents for Malcolm to ride (50 cents for an adult, or "free" for VT students), which is phenomenal. The bus passes are actually quite reasonably priced (the same price for six months as one month was in Toledo), but we don't think Malcolm or Don will be riding it *too* often, so we're going to pay per ride for the moment. Anyway, the bus goes almost immediately to campus, so that's another bonus. From the Time Checks on campus, you can catch other buses to other parts of town, or even the Two Town Trolley to Christiansburg. Since Blacksburg isn't all that big to begin with, it's a pretty convenient system.
Malcolm gives the bus service two thumbs up.
Don had a meeting in town, so he met us there on the Bakfiets then took Malcolm out for a "real" lunch of sushi (Malcolm's favorite) and headed home. I went into the office for a few hours, then took the bus to a halfway point to Malcolm's school and rode in the Bakfiets to his Back to School Night. While it is convenient to have a bike that I can ride in while mine is in the shop, I have to say that it definitely touches on a bit of my brokenness to have to do that. There's a part of me that feels like people are thinking, "Hey, there goes a really fit guy hauling his fat wife around." (Especially since Blacksburg is bizarrely thin.) But that's my junk. Fortunately, I'm in a much better place than I used to be, but...sometimes those ugly thoughts float to the forefront of my mind.

All in all, today was a good day.  Malcolm had a good time (and was very well behaved!) on the bus, and we enjoyed getting to meet his teacher and such at school. But I really, really miss my bike!

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