Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Safety Snapshot: How to Position Your Bike

The Virginia Bicycling Federation recently provided a great post about where to safely ride your bike when on the road (not a bike path). If you are a bicycle commuter, I highly recommend that you read their post to learn about where to safely position yourself (WITH traffic, not against it!) to avoid "dooring," the dreaded "right hook," and drivers passing you too close.

If you are NOT a cyclist but wish to learn how to better "share the road" with your cycling comrades, I highly recommend also reading this post (good to know from both sides), as well as boning up on your state's bicycling laws. There are laws that vary from state to state on things like how much room to give a cyclist when passing (Virginia requires 2 feet; some states require three feet...I was lucky to get 18 inches in Toledo). This is important information! I can't tell you how many times I was yelled at, honked at, "right hooked," or "buzzed" while on the road simply because either the driver didn't know the law (I was often told to "get on the sidewalk") or just didn't care. The thing that's infuriating about these incidents is that usually a driver is doing this because they are impatient to get around the cyclist, placing a higher premium on convenience than safety. Some day, the 10 seconds someone will save by driving unsafely around a cyclist will cost that cyclist his/her life. (In fact, it already has.)

Please, drive safe and bike safe!


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